Environmental features

Power source 220–240 V, 50/60 Hz, less than 60 A
Power consumption 9,000 W or less—maximum power
4 W or less—Energy Saver Mode (Sleep Mode)
Power consumption—options 350 W—Fiery E-46 controller
600 W—Fiery E-86 controller
1,000 W or less—4,400-sheet vacuum feed LCT RT5120
150 W or less—3,000-sheet finisher SR5050
150 W or less—2,500-sheet booklet finisher SR5060
250 W or less, maximum—Booklet trimmer TR5040
75 W or less, average—Booklet trimmer TR5040
150 W or less—4,500-sheet finisher SR5110
150 W or less—3,500-sheet booklet finisher SR5120
250 W or less, maximum—Trimmer unit TR5050
75 W or less, average—Trimmer unit TR5050
95 W excluding peak consumption—Cover interposer CI5040
400 W or less—Ring Binder RB5020
623 W or less—Perfect Binder GB5010
240 W or less—Multi-purpose folding unit FD5020
132 W or less—High-capacity stacker SK5040
Warm-up time 540 seconds or less—mainframe
380 seconds or less—Perfect Binder GB5010
Sound power level Mainframe
67.5 dB—standby
80 dB—operating
Emission levels

Colour mode
Less than 0.01 mg/h—benzene
0.7 mg/h or less—dust
9.1 mg/h or less—ozone
0.13 mg/h or less—styrene

Black and white mode
Less than 0.01 mg/h—benzene
0 mg/h or less—dust
3.1 mg/h—ozone
0.08 mg/h or less—styrene

Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) 0.8 mg/h—ready mode
3.0 mg/h—operating mode
Reduction of environmentally sensitive materials RoHS
100% lead-free solder used in PCBs—lead
100% chrome-free steel plates—hexavalent chromium
Energy saving standards

Energy Star v2.0—with EFI Fiery controller

Safety standards EN60950-1
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards EN55032 Class A
EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
EN301489-1, EN301489-3, EN301489-17
Identification of plastic components All plastic components that weigh more than 25 g are identified in accordance with ISO 11469 standards.
Laser standards EN60825-1
Wireless LAN standards EN300328

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