Copy features

Copy speed 65 cpm—A4 LEF
First copy time 9.2 seconds or less—black and white
10.6 seconds or less—colour
Copy resolution 600 x 600 dpi—4 bit
Quantity selection Up to 9,999
Copy reservations 8 jobs
Job presets 8 jobs
Job programs 25 programs
Zoom range 25%–400%, in 1% steps
Enlargement ratios 115%, 122%, 141%, 200%, 400%
Reduction ratios 93%, 87%, 82%, 71%, 61%, 50%, 25%
Image density adjustment Automatic selection, manual selection—7 levels
Image density adjustment Automatic or manual selection
Copy modes Auto text and photo separation (default)—printed/glossy/copied, Photo—printed/glossy/copied
Text, Map, Generation, Highlight pen, Inkjet
Colour mode

Black and white (default), single colour, two colour, full colour, Automatic Colour Selection

Single colour
12 colours x 4 density—single colour preset; default red
15 colours x 4 density—user selection

Two colour
Black and other colour, red and black

Paper selection

Auto Paper Selection (APS)

1st tray, 2nd tray, 3rd tray, bypass tray

A4 LCT RT4060, A3 LCT RT5140

Duplex copy Simplex, duplex, simplex to duplex, duplex to duplex, book to duplex, front and back cover to duplex, duplex to simplex
Book copy Booklet, magazine, layout and booklet
Series copy Book to simplex, duplex to simplex
Combine copy 2, 4, or 8 pages into 1 simplex sheet
1, 2, or 4 duplex pages into 1 simplex sheet
4, 8, or 16 pages into 1 duplex sheet
2, 4, or 8 duplex pages into 1 duplex sheet
Interrupt copy Supported
Auto tray change Supported; default off
Paper library Supported
Copy prevention pattern Supported
Bates numbering Supported
User codes 1,000 user codes, 8 digits in each code
Centring Supported
Cover sheet Front and back covers—copy or blank; default copy
Slip sheet Supported—user can choose to copy or not copy to slip sheet
Chaptering Supported—up to 100 chapters
Stapling Supported—with finisher
Punch Supported—with finisher
Electronic stacking Supported—with finisher
Electronic sorting Rotate sort—supported
Shift sort—supported without finisher
Without shift sort—supported without finisher
Margin/erase adjustment Margin and scan position—0–30 mm in 1 mm steps
Creep—0–99 mm in 1 mm steps
Erase centre and border—2–99 mm in 1 mm steps
Image adjustment Sharpen/soften—7 levels
Contrast—9 levels
Background density—9 levels
Under Colour Removal (UCR)—9 levels
Text and photo separation sensitivity—9 levels
Colour erase sensitivity—5 levels
Image creation Repeat, double copy, mirror, positive/negative, erase inside—5 parts, erase outside—1 part
Colour creation Colour conversion—supported—maximum 4 colours, selectable from 12 preset colours, black, or 15 user colours
Colour erase—supported
Colour overlay—supported
Stamps User stamp—4 stamps
Date stamp—5 styles
Page numbering—6 styles
Preset stamp—8 stamps
Bates stamping—9 digits without zero suppression
Image rotation Supported
Other copy features Automatic Colour Calibration (ACC), Colour Balance Adjustment, Colour Balance Program, Auto start, Sample copy, Unauthorised copy prevention

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