Fax features

Fax types G3 fax, Internet fax (T.37), IP fax (T.38), LAN-Fax, Paperless fax, Direct SMTP fax
Fax circuit PSTN, PBX
Fax compatibilty ITU-T (CCITT), G3—maximum 3 lines
Fax modem speed 2,400 bps–33.6 Kbps—G3, standard with automatic shift down
Fax compression methods MH, MR, MMR, JBIG
Fax resolution

Standard mode
200 x 100 dpi—8 x 3.85 lines/mm

Detail mode

200 x 200 dpi—8 x 7.7 lines/mm

Super Fine mode
400 x 400 dpi—8 x 15.4 lines/mm
400 x 400 dpi—16 x 15.4 lines/mm

Note: Super Fine mode is supported with the optional SAF memory.

G3 fax transmission speed 3 seconds approximately—JBIG, ITU-T No. 1 chart, TTI off, memory transmission
3 seconds approximately—MMR, ITU-T No. 1 chart, TTI off, memory transmission
Fax SAF memory capacity Standard
4 MB—approximately 320 pages

With optional SAF memory

60 MB—approximately 4,800 pages
Fax memory backup 1 hour
Quick dials 2,000 numbers

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