Environmental features

Power source 220–240 V, 16 A, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 4,800 W or less—maximum power
35 W or less—Energy Saver Mode (Sleep Mode)
Power consumption—options 1,000 W or less—4,400-sheet Vacuum-Feed LCIT RT5150
200 W or less—Buffer Pass Unit Type S9
60 W or less—Multi-Folding Unit FD5030
150 W or less—Finisher SR5110
150 W or less—Booklet Finisher SR5120
250 W or less, maximum—Trimmer Unit TR5050
75 W or less, average—Trimmer Unit TR5050
110 W excluding peak consumption—Cover Interposer CI5040
Warm-up time 300 seconds or less
Note:Based on 23C˚, rated voltage, and full options.
Sound power level

58.5 dB or less—standby
78.5 dB or less—operating

61 dB or less—standby, 85 ppm
64 dB or less—standby, 95 ppm
81.5 dB or less—operating

Reduction of environmentally sensitive materials RoHS
Less than 0.1 wt%—Lead, PVC, Hexavalent chromium, Cadmium, PBB/PBDE, DEHP, DBP, BBP, DIBP
Energy saving standards Energy Star 3.2—with OneDFE controller
Safety standards EN60950-1
KC 62368-1
CNS 15998-1
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards EN55032 Class A
KS C 9832
KS C 9835
KS C 9610-4-2
KS C 9610-4-3
CNS15936 Class A
Identification of plastic components All plastic components that weigh more than 100 g are identified in accordance with ISO 11469 standards.
Laser standards EN60825-1

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