Interactive whiteboard
– 65″ touchscreen
– 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
– 350 cd/m2 brightness
– Plug and Play Android apps

Designed for business

With its easy-to-use interface and built-in Apps, the new whiteboards offer seamless communication and collaboration. Ideal for hybrid working, allowing multiple people to write on the same screen.

  1. Simple connectivity and usability
    It’s easy to sync your device to the screen, simply choose how you connect – HDMI, USB or USB Type-C.
  2. Effective split-screen presentation
    Using two screens is a standard most expect in work and presentations. Run two different apps or images side by side with the interactive whiteboard and get more from your meetings.
  3. Useful picture-in-picture function
    A picture can speak a thousand words – so add an image to your whiteboard with the picture-in-picture function. This could be data, charts or stock shots that help get your point across.
  4. Plug and Play Android Apps
    Embedded with Android OS, you can use all your favourite apps. Many apps are preloaded and ready for use to save you time, such as the whiteboard and wireless presentation apps.


Enhance hybrid and collaborative workspaces

Supporting remote and hybrid environments can challenge schools, universities and businesses alike. The A6500 is a web-enabled, easy-to-use Interactive Flat Panel Display that lets remote as well as in-person team members and students collaborate successfully. With a 65″ (diagonal) screen, it’s an ideal fit for smaller conference and seminar rooms.

Better teamwork

With real-time participation and information sharing, the A6500 promotes faster team-based decision-making and more rewarding brainstorming sessions. Cast multiple images from participants’ mobile devices for simultaneous display, use a split screen for group exercises or easily perform two-way screen sharing. Infrared touchpoints make it possible for up to 20 fingers or pens to collaborate on the board at a time.